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Perfection that tastes like cognac and smells like white wine (grape brandy)

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About us

We are a small distillery from the Rasina district and we produce brandy. The Vukojević cellar was founded in 2013, while the family tradition of brandy production dates back to 1895, when the cousin Vukoje, attracted by the natural beauty and riches of the area, moved to the Kopaonik hills. In the cellar, about 10,000 liters of top-quality brandy are constantly aged. The orchards are located on the eastern slopes of Kopaonik, at an altitude of 300m to 800m. Favorable climate and quality soil contribute to the produced fruit to be of exceptional quality. The fruits are picked by hand when they are in their most mature stage, exclusively from the family plantations of the Vukojević family. With a large biodiversity on an area of ​​5 ha, our property is a unique oasis, surrounded on all sides by a forest in which no mineral fertilizers or pesticides are used. For centuries, the Vukojević family Cellar, thanks to its skill, knowledge and dedication, has been producing top-quality brandy with a unique taste that is enjoyed by all the senses. In order for plum brandy to get its characteristic yellow color, it must be stored and nurtured in wooden oak barrels. Serbian oak tames brandy, emphasizing the aromas of walnut, almond and vanilla, creates a pleasant sweet taste, and at the same time mild aftertaste.

Flaša, rakija od šljive Kutija, rakija od šljive

Plum brandy

Plum brandy is a Serbian traditional drink with a unique aroma and taste, recognizable all over the world as a symbol of our culture. It is obtained by distillation of fermented plum fruits that are exclusively hand-picked and selected from the highest quality ripe plum fruits of Čačak native and Stanley. Separating the stones of the fruit gives a finer taste and smell. The smell is reminiscent of younger bourbons of good quality, those with a higher proportion of barley harmony. Aging in oak barrels makes it drinkable, pleasant and soft. It can be consumed both as a digestive and as an aperitif, at temperatures of 15-18 degrees.

Grape brandy

Brandy is distilled twice, and special varieties of the highest quality grape varieties Vranac and Prokupac are used for its production, which are grown on plantations in the Župa area. By separating the stalk, a finer taste is obtained, recognizable for these grape varieties. After aging in oak barrels for at least 3 years, Smuk grape brandy is a unique drink that tastes like cognac and smells like white wine. We recommend consuming drinks at a temperature of 15-18 degrees.

Flaša, rakija od loze Ruža
Flaša, rakija od dunje mesec

Quince brandy

Drinky and with a unique noble aroma, quince brandy is a lady among fruit brandies. Produced in the traditional way from carefully selected quince fruits, exclusively on the plantations of the Vukojević family. The fruits are picked when they reach full maturity, in order to achieve a satisfactory level of fruit sugar. It can be consumed as an aperitif, at temperatures of 15-18 degrees.

Smuk rakija logo crni


New packaging

"Smuk" brandy is pleased to present the new packaging of the box. Our team of designers always works on improving and modernizing the look of Smuk brandy, while the technologist with his knowledge and skills works on improving the quality of the brandy itself.

The site is up and running

From today, you can order "Smuk" products through the website www.podrumvukojevic.com. The site was designed by our young and promising designer Nikola Radović (radovicnikolaa530@gmail.com).



While it doesn’t look like the wine will be toppled from the throne of stacking, we’ve begun to see how much other types of alcoholic beverages can offer. Brandy is a fantastic drink that can penetrate through the fat of meat, complement creamy cheese, release the delicate flavors of seafood and pair with a wide range of desserts. Next time you have fun, serve glasses of brandy with your food and see how it suits you, you may be surprised at how well they go together.

Šumadijski čaj

Sumadija tea

In Serbian homes, when the temperature drops, the desire for traditional Šumadija tea does not stop. It is the popular name for boiled brandy. Moderate consumption of boiled brandy will lower the level of bad, and improve the level of good cholesterol in your body. Also, this drink has a positive effect on the cardiovascular organs, so people who consume it occasionally are less likely to suffer from heart failure, stroke or high blood pressure. In a metal saucepan or other container that is convenient for you, we first put sugar to caramelize it. After we get what we wanted from the sugar, we remove the pot from the fire and immediately add water and brandy. We put it all back on the fire and let it all boil finely, thus letting all our sugar melt. We stir and our Šumadija tea is ready for consumption. If you add a teaspoon of honey to it, the pleasure will be complete. Now I will leave you to enjoy this phenomenal drink alone or with your friends. Indulge in its soft and sweet taste and let it make you enjoy that moment. What we need to make boiled brandy:
- 150 ml Smuk plum brandy
- 100 ml of water
- 3 tablespoons sugar
- spoon of honey



The appetizer is a common meal in the Balkans and is mainly made up of cured meat products, cheeses, olives, mushrooms. It is common for the appetizer to consist of dry neck, prosciutto, dried meat that are cut on the spot and arranged on a plate. Meze and brandy, with their pronounced fruity taste, is what your senses will excite to enjoy.



Everyone knows that cheese and wine are a great combination, so it is perfectly logical that grape brandy shares equal closeness. The grape brandy with its fruity aroma goes perfectly with Dutch Edamer cheese, French mold cheese Roquefort, mascarpone cheese, but also with some of our homemade cheeses. It can also be combined with cheesecake.

Suvo voće

Dry fruit

A bowl of dried fruit should always be on the table, as a great substitute for snacks and sweets. Apart from being very tasty, dried fruit is also very healthy, so it is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients. Brandy goes great with raisins, dried figs and of course prunes.

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